Family Business Sustainability

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The Pledge

The Family Business Sustainability Pledge is a joint FBN and UNCTAD global statement, prescriptive in its vision and strategy as well as actionable and deliverable in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It builds upon the experiences of the initial FBN pledge and is the outcome of broad-based consultations to ensure an inclusive approach to engage all family business actors.

The pledge is a global call to action for business-owning families, their firms and the wider family business ecosystem to adopt a more purpose driven business model therefore contributing to global sustainable development, inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

Signatories pledge to promote sustainable growth, environmental stewardship, social inclusion and good governance.

Once you have signed the pledge, if you are a family business, download the indicator framework and start assessing your sustainability performance.

Defining Success Across Generations

We, a global community of family businesses, commit to build a sustainable future across generations.

Family businesses contribute meaningfully to both economic growth and employment and have the potential to create a more purpose-driven model of business. With our inherent focus on long-term success and responsible ownership, we strive to apply our entrepreneurial know-how and resources to build a just and equitable world, where our planet will flourish across generations.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide family businesses with opportunities to create a shared prosperity for all. We commit to taking action on the SDGs by advocating for and upholding the following principles:

Sustainable Growth: To promote and model business practices and investments that will enable sustainable economic growth and deliver long-term value creation for all present and future stakeholders

Environmental Stewardship: To have a positive long-term impact by taking urgent action on climate change, enabling sustainable production and consumption, and advancing the responsible use of natural resources.

Social Inclusion: To promote inclusive practices in our communities and beyond, including gender equality, diversity and decent work, to ensure that both current and future generations attain dignity and fulfil their potential.

Good Governance: To establish sound family and corporate governance structures that are transparent, inclusive and accountable to stakeholders; to ensure compliance with ethical and corruption-free business practices.

In partnership with the UN, we will identify SDGs aligned to our business, track our progress and assess the impact of our pledge in a transparent manner using the relevant Sustainability Indicators for Family Business as jointly established by FBN and UNCTAD.

We invite you to act now and join us in creating a shared prosperity. Together we will build a sustainable future and define success across generations.


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