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As a first of its kind partnership between the United Nations and the global family business community, UNCTAD and The Family Business Network (FBN) jointly developed the Global Initiative “Family Business for Sustainable Development (FBSD)”. Its ambitious package of deliverables aims at mobilizing business families and their firms to embed sustainability into their business strategies, thereby committing to concrete, measurable contributions towards the SDGs. Key components of the FBSD Initiative include, among others, the family business sustainability pledge and the adoption of transparent and comparable core sustainability indicators for family firm reporting.

James X. Zhan

Director, Division on Investment and Enterprise,  UNCTAD

To maximize the potential of family firms, they need to be empowered to seize the untapped opportunities associated with embracing the sustainability agenda. We are pleased to share expertise and best practice derived from our global network of investment-development stakeholders and offer the family business community an international platform to facilitate their contribution to sustainable development. The newly established Family Business for Sustainable Development initiative presents an effective framework for our joint endeavor towards achieving SDGs.

Alfonso Libano Daurella

Chair, Polaris Committee – Vice Chairman, Cobega, S.A.

The sustainability agenda is deeply aligned with the values of purpose-driven family business. Through quality job creation, fair contracts and ethical investments, family businesses have earned the social license to operate and made a profound and positive influence on society across generations. Yet we know more can and should be done. As Chair of Polaris, FBN’s global movement to be a force for good, I am committed to lead our partnership with the UN and work with members of the family business eco-system to build a more inclusive, transparent and responsible capitalism. Join our movement – Sign the pledge, track your progress and share best practises as we aspire to Define Success Across Generations.


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